Thursday, March 31, 2011

Run. Lift. Swim

Last night I hit the gym and tried to run a little bit. It's been about 5 days since I really have done any real mileage, and I thought maybe, just maybe my knee would have been healed. I am so frustrated with this slow healing process. Alas it wasn't long before my right leg felt like a bag of concrete and pain.  Hahaah ok maybe I am being a little melodramatic. It will happen though. It has to. I will get better.  After the run I lifted some free weights and then went for a swim.

Free weights are so much more rewarding than any machine ever has been. I am pretty stinking proud of the fact that I am often the only girl on the free-weight side of the gym, and that I know what I am doing. There is no substitute for free weights because they work through a full range of motion.  Recently I read an article that said that one of the reasons why women don't lose weight as fast as men is because men emphasize weight training and muscle building more, while women focus strictly on the cardio.

The swim after lifting weights was wonderful. In the pool I was able to hit my cardio sweat.  It was nice, and the truth is that I can feel my swimmer muscles coming back, which is really nice. This whole workout I focused on the IM which is a combination of all of the strokes. .  My favorite stroke is the butterfly stroke. It is considered the hardest, most taxing stroke in swimming. It's kind of funny how no matter how hard I try and make it about the running, I am always coming back to the swimming. The swimming really is my bread and butter.

What else???? Life is good. Love is good. It's all really good. Still it will be nice to get back to some normality.

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  1. Stick to swimming for a while! I hope you are all healed up soon!