Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No more grey days

Pic my roomie took of me on a Sunday
morning drive to Salem
Today was a good day. It was a perfect, greyless day. The roads were a little wet, but it only made them shine brighter. Usually it feels like 3 o'clock rolls around and it goes dark. Not today. Today people were out running on the roads in their shorts.  I don't know, it was just wonderful, to feel like the grey days of fall and winter were beginingto fade away, and that spring was right around the corner.

I looked good today to. I mean I had an interview downtown. So I donned my professional black dress, my little black tights, and kitten heels. Tall and skinny and sleek; with my hair pulled back, and my freshly manicured nails painted red for courage.  I wish I could always look this brave, and happy.

When I got back to  the house after my interviews, there was an interview request in my email.  I would be working in Denver for the Boys and Girls Club.  My heart sank a little, and it was this moment where I realized that I don't want to leave Oregon.  Imagine that. How strange.

Life is good here at sea level. I ran away from Portland once, and now that I have made myself right with it, I don't know if I can leave. Truthfully I have a lot here, and I don't want lose what I have gained back again. That is kind of scary, it makes me feel old, to know that there is a quiet part of me that for the first time in my life doesn't want to leave.

Tomorrow, I would like to hit the gym, lift some weights, and run 5 miles. If I hit my workout goals this week I will have run 60 miles in 2 weeks. Kind of cool.  Right?

Below is this song that is on my mp3 player that I love, that reminds me of Portland, and how much this city means to me.

What a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancing machine
With a fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene
I get lost in the night so high I don't want to come down
To face the loss of the good thing that I've found

In the dark of the night I could hear you calling my name
With the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain
So I drink and I smoke and I ask you if you're ever around
Even though it was me who drove us right in the ground

See the time we shared it was precious to me
But all the while I was dreaming of revelry

Born to run, baby run like a stream down a mountainside
With the wind in my back I don't ever even bat an eye
Just know it was you all along who had a hold of my heart
But the demon and me were the best of friends from the start

So the time we shared it was precious to me
All the while I was dreaming of revelry
Dreaming of revelry

And I told myself boy away you go, it rained so hard it felt like snow
Everything came tumbling down on me
In the back of the woods in the dark of the night
Paleness of the old moonlight everything just felt so incomplete

Dreaming of revelry
Dreaming of revelry
Dreaming of revelry
Dreaming of revelry

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  1. I, too, am ready for spring. Can't wait to wake up in the morning to temperatures more condusive to morning run outside. My treadmill is getting old. Let me know how the interviews went. I am especially interested in the Denver job, lol.