Thursday, March 24, 2011

Promises Promises

It is kind of hard to believe but my husband has spent almost two years at war.  So these two weeks that I have with him before he leaves for another 4 months are precious. Still yesterday I kept my promise and hit the gym. Greg goes to sleep really early because he is still kind of on Afghanistan time. So while he slept I swam, worked the elliptical, and lifted weights. Its stupid but even leaving him while he is sleeping feels like a huge sacrifice. You know the last couple of days has made me realize that loving yourself, and putting yourself first is hard.  Still I wouldn't stop brushing my teeth, or washing my hair. No matter what you have to put yourself first. 

So today my promise to myself is to eat healthy. Greg has been pushing me to eat fatty foods, because that is what he is eating. He thinks I am beautiful and doesn't want me to deprive myself, and so he pushes me to eat insanely bad food. Still I don't feel good afterwards and honestly, the food we have eating has really felt like a burden and not a treat. So for the next to days I am going to eat raw, and eat clean so that I cleanse the crap out of my system. Its not easy to make these promises, but still I feel like I have to in order to maintain my autonomy, and keep my self respect.


  1. I will go eat with Greg, lol. I love crappy food!

  2. hahaha you say that now but half way through you would be like fried cheese. I hate myself