Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Breaking through and coming back

Yesterday I ran 6 miles, and for the first time it felt really good. It was a grey windy day, and the rain was so cold it was bitter against my skin.  The track was filled with water which made running a little difficult. Still somehow one lap turned into two laps, and they multiplied out in front of me.  The worst part was my hands and how cold they got.  Yet it was worth it to escape the treadmill and feel the world around me. I kept expecting to feel that tell tale ache in the back of my leg, but nothing....I was free.  That really is how I complete.... No matter what I do, or where I go, no one can take away this self respect that I have found here night after night on the track, and on the treadmill.

Now down to running business. I called Denise and we tentatively designed my week.  Here is the plan:

Week 2/28-3/6 (M-S)
Goal: 30 miles
Goal: 3 cross training days (2 weight training and 1yoga).
Goal: Drop 2lbs

Just to put it out there, I would like to be lighter.  Right now I weigh 147, and am 5'11". I wear a size 6.  Still, I am going to put it out there that I need to lose 10lbs total for right now. This week, I need to drop down to 145.  

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