Friday, March 25, 2011

Pet Peeves At The Gym

I may not be perfect, and I definitely don't know everything there is to know about working out, lifting weights, and eating healthy. But.........I have been lifting weights for ten years, and have taken several classes on the subject. I know enough to be stupid. Still I can't help but watch how others work out and be Judgie McJudgerson. So I am going to judge and be horrible. Please don't judge me for being judgie (which isn't even a word so the judging can start there).

I hate when:

1. People don't sweat at the gym. You are doing something wrong if you don't sweat. Bring some intensity to the table. Get sweaty, stinky and  ugly.

2. Women who put on their makeup, and their push up bras before hitting the gym.  Maybe I am just jealous because they manage to look so good, while I am just a total mess.

3. Men who lift with their backs. (Ok so women do this to, but its mostly men). You know the type, the guy that sidles up to the bench, puts on too much weight, and when they lift, arches their back super high. What never ceases to amaze me is that I have seen everyone from scrawny teenage boys do this to heavily muscled me who should and probably do know better.

4. Bad form in general annoys me. This is a little elitist of me because the truth is that even if someone is doing it wrong, at least they have the balls to put themselves out there and try and do it.

5. Overweight men who do nothing but sit in the steam room/ sauna. These guys usually don't workout, they just alternate. Somehow they must think they can sweat their weight off. You know the irony is that people are supposed to use those rooms to help alleviate the buildup of lactic acid, but I have read that it actually hinders the body's muscle building process. Finally, it's hard for me to sit in those rooms with those men. I don't know they make me uncomfortable, and although it may be untrue I feel as if I am being undressed.

6. People who drink pop, before, after and/or during a workout. Really? It dehydrates you, is full of sugar and defeats the purpose.

7. Middle aged suburban moms  who want to lose weight, come to the gym, plug into a TV or a magazine, and walk slowly on the treadmill. I don't know, I watch T.V when I run, but I still am running with some intensity. I feel that if you are not present in your workout you will never lose weight.

8. People who say they can't afford a gym membership, but still manage to purchase their 5 dollar cup of coffee while they are telling me this. Lame. Just be honest, just say I would rather have my mocha every morning instead of a monthly gym membership.  Its ok. Its what I and everybody else is already thinking.

(There is more but I will stop it here) Enough judging for today.

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