Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to the running

Sometimes it feels like you can only say so much about running. I mean I went out there, I ran and then I was done.  Why do I do it? Because I like to redefine myself in terms of strength, health, and emotional sobriety. Plus its cheap. Hahaaha if you don't count my growing obsession with workout gear. Its a good outlet.

But what else can I say?????

Back to the running.
This week I ran 30 miles
Next week I will run another 30 miles.
I did not meet my two pound weight loss goal. Maybe next week. Truthfully I really didn't try that hard on this one. I have been eating too much sugar and well it is what its is. The weirdest thing is its Jellybeans. I have never, ever had a thing for jellybeans, and now I want them all the time. I mean I didn't gain weight and i didn't lose weight..Got to kick the Jellybean habit. lol 

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