Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly goals for 3/14/2011

Lately I have been feeling like I don't run enough to have a running blog.  LOL...I think that when you start to get into running you become part of this strange chain of associations meaning that you always know a bigger fish.  You always know somebody who runs way more than you do. I ran 19 miles injured last week,  the week before 30 miles.  My friend ran 60 last miles and her husband doubled that, and I am sure that he knows somebody that runs even more than he does. It kind of makes my mileage look like a walk around the block. Still normal people always seem impressed. That being said I really don't feel like I am working out enough. I have been injured and I was 10 miles short of last weeks goal. Plus I haven't hit my weekly yoga workout nor my weight training goal.  But....I did hit my weight loss goal for the week.

Greg in Colorado
So I don't know here are my goals for the next week

Run 30 miles (Either)
-5 days of 6 miles (or)
-6 days of 5 miles

Lose at least 1lb
3 cross training days

I have some added incentive, which is that my husband is coming home from Afghanistan for two weeks. So on one hand I want to look good, but I also don't want to get sidetracked by his homecoming. I figure that if I start his visit off right than I can maintain while he is here.  In the past my husband has been  a horrible influence on my body. He thinks I am beautiful no matter what, and he is just naturally skinny. He has those good skinny genes that enable him to eat like a 300lb man, but only weigh 165 at 6'. When he is home it is hard to not put on weight, because I am around someone who is constantly eating, and who doesn't like to workout for fun. Still its going to be wonderful to have him home, maybe I can coax him to go for a run with me. :)

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