Friday, March 11, 2011

Running Away/Running Back

There are some days when all I want to do is run away. I am not quite sure what I am running away from. To be honest I always feel a little hesitant to really commit. I have a pattern its hard to own up to. I find something good, and it is always a little overwhelming and sometimes a little boring. My gift, my curse is that I can walk away, and I usually do. When I turn around to come back its all gone. Not everybody can do that. Seriously, it takes a lot of balls. Its kind like jumping without checking your parachute. Still I like all of the women I have been, all of the people I have met, the moment of escape, and even more profound, the point of freedom.

Still I just want to say that running away is a lot like running everyday. Somehow you always end up back at the same spot. I  mean I have now gone almost 250 miles since I started this blog. I haven't quite calculated it, maybe a little more maybe a little less.  The point is that I have ran all of these miles and I am still in the same place. Maybe thats the answer. Maybe this is how I stop running, how I stay in one place. Maybe I have always stayed in one place, even though the scenery and the people changed. Isn't that funny. Maybe its not where you go on the outside, but on the inside instead.

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