Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sugar Blues...........

To throw away or not to throw away
A couple of days ago I decided to make a more concentrated effort to cut sugar out of my diet. As I have said before, I don't need to lose weight, that would be nice, but in a way its a lot harder to be a conscience eater when A) you work out all the time, and B)when you are just trying to be healthier. Wouldn't it be great if in our country people woke up and said my New Years resolution is to be healthier, instead of saying this year I am going to lose weight? Being healthy just doesn't sound as appealing as being skinny. Sad but true. 

Anyways, I am cutting the crap/ I mean minimizing the sugar in my diet. This has been incredibly hard because sugar is in everything. The other day I went to go get milk and couldn't find milk that had under 5g of sugar in it. The closest I got was coconut milk at 6g. Most cow milk that i looked at had about 12g of sugar. My one victory in the last couple of days is that I have switched from sugary coffee drinks to cappuccinos.  Guess what, I think I like cappuccinos better, they are just richer. Also, I had an apple today, and it actually tasted really good. Going without processed sugar makes me appreciate the natural sugars all the more. 

More on my sugar rant later..............

Last night I hit the track for the first time in a week to test drive my knee. The bad news is that afterwards it hurt a little bit. The good news is that it definitely feels a lot better!!!! After running I came back, and I just wanted to go back to the track and go farther. I am definitely an addict. Instead I hit the pool again to get my cardio fix. 

I swam 100 laps in an hour. I don't quite know how to deal with this because truthfully my race time for that distance used to be 20 minutes. To be fair I was doing sets of 100's and 50's with 200 warm up and cool down, and rest in between sets. But...... Its almost hard to fathom how far away my level of swimming fitness is from when I was a teenager.

Still people always compliment me on my swimming. They say ahhh you are so beautiful when you swim, you are so smooth in the water. It always cracks me up to watch people jump in the pool and expend 4 or 5 times more energy than I do in 1 lap yet manage to go much slower than I.

Even though I have been swimming a lot,  I miss running. There is something more simple about running, and perhaps a little more primal. Either way both running and swimming really makes someone own up to themselves, and their own strengths and weaknesses. 

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