Sunday, January 30, 2011

Breaking in the body

There is this documentary (and its name escapes me) that was about how if we make a few small changes in our lives we can utterly transform our realities into brighter futures. For me this small change is the practice of exercise. Like a drop of high contrast dye in water, exercise has kind of spread through my existence changing the colors of my perceptions. What I mean is that working out has forced me to eat healthy, it has kept me emotionally sober, and helped me deal with personal crisis. As I watch my body transform, so to does my life, and the people in it.

I keep reminding myself that transformation is never easy. least in most cases it is not. I look at my friends who run massive amounts of miles, and I know that I could get there. I just first have to break in my body. The muscles in my feet, the usage of my knees, and all of the little intricacies of my body have to come into alignment. They have to work with me to achieve this goal.

In the past my body has been something that I have carried. It has been a burden, and a cross to bear. Now it is becoming a tool which I am honing to use to my advantage.

Workout Summary:
1.5 hours swimming

1 hour yoga
2 miles on treadmill

rest and recovery

1 hour yoga class
40 minutes of swimming

1 hour Swimming

 Yoga warmup
2 miles on elliptical
25 weights abs

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