Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Own Private Island

MHCC Track
So Many Good Running Memories Here

The track at MHCC (Mount Hood Community College) is my own private island. I love running on this track. It usually is pretty empty, especially during this time of year. Quiet often I will be the only person on the track. I know it is a bad habit, but I love to run here at night, or when the fog settles on the track so that you  cannot see in front of you. When I am here the whole world fades away and I am a sole survivor. Nothing else matters except for one foot in front of the other.

This track makes me very aware of my body, my muscles, my heart, and lungs. In the dark with nothing but my body moving forward I feel the immediacy of my own athleticism. Its like being alive happens in a series of complex processes, and my time on the track makes me very aware of what is happening to my body.

Here living is painful, wonderful, and complete.....all in .25 miles. When I am on the track late at night, I imagine that there are people running all around them, that they are there with me, these ghosts of the past and present. We are all running to our own pace, in different times, and different places to the rhythms of our own heartbeats.  Isn't it beautiful how the body exists???????

Run 3.5 miles
(most painful workout I have ever had to do).

5.5 miles
on the track
each mile was faster than the next

I took a day off. I am giving my feet some time to recover they are still very very sore.

Am going to do speed training for the first time....WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

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