Sunday, January 23, 2011

The difference between I can't and I won't

I hit a wall yesterday that I have never hit before. I went to the track tried to run and couldn't. When most people say I couldn't run today, what they really mean is I don't WAN'T to run. Yesterday I couldn't run. Pain radiated through my knee with every step and I could hear and feel my knee pop,  It scared me. Can I do this? Am I designed to run? It is so not fair. Please Body, do this for me. I went a mile and then threw in the towel. It wasn't stiffness or soreness, but a different type of pain.

Today Alex  my friend who is getting ready to take his medical boards pulled, prodded and rotated my knee. He told me my hips/pelvis was out of alignment and readjusted them, which was awkward because it involved him pushing my right knee into my armpit as I lay with my back on the couch. Then he said the B word. Burritis. Its common, its sucks, and I hate it.  Essentially my knees aren't lubricated. Great. I am sure there are some dirty runners jokes out there about how my knees must not be getting excited about the road the way they used to.

The good news is that hopefully I can strengthen my body and get it used to this kind of mileage. Tonight I am headed to the gym. I will try out the treadmill but might end up on the elliptical.


run 1 mile

elipitcal 4 miles
weights arms and abs

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