Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Last Two Days on the Track

The last two days have been a little strange. I had to get out of the gym. Putting mileage on a treadmill is just not the same as putting mileage on the track or the road. My first half marathon in Salem is looming, and I know that I need to be putting some serious mileage out there. For this race, all I want to do is finish. I have never run a race in my life, although i have swam competitively and played other sports.

 Running has always been my demon and to start this journey is to take something that I have struggled with all my life and kick the crap out of it. In away I am angry at it, and how hard it has been for me.
I am not natural runner, It doesn't come easy for me, and I don't have that inbred talent that some people are just born with. Last night I was telling my roommate how I would pray to have a broken ankle so that I didn't have to run the mile as a kid. I dreaded it. Up until my junior year of high school I couldn't run a mile under 10 minutes. Sure I could swim and play ball, but being there in the moment with just running was horrible. Now is a different story, and taking this journey is finally taking something I have really suffered with and triumphing. If I can do this I can do anything.

So in other news......I bought a brand new pair of shoes with a gift certificate my brother got me for Christmas, and breaking them in, in the last two days is killing my feet. The tops of my feet hurt, my toes quickly become numb and it just hurts period. I also got a pair of running gloves which are amazing. You know its cold when you run and run and run and your not taking off your gloves. Still it feels so damn good when you finally do get warm.

5 miles

6 miles

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