Saturday, January 8, 2011

Run baby Run

So.......I had to get new shoes. The ones I got hurt the tops of my feet. Still I ran in them hoping they would break in, but after thinking about it I realized that shoes should not hurt your feet this much in the breaking in process. SO I traded my ascis in for a lovely pair of new balance shoes. Wow what a difference.  Still my feet hurt from wearing the asics and I have been icing them every day. Its almost like the tops of my feet feel bruised. What was I thinking!

Anyways I look forward to running some more. I am jonesing for a good long run where my feet don't give out before my lungs. Even though I haven't gone very far in the last couple of days I have kept my New Years promise, just knowing that DGR is out there doing it to makes me feel better.

1 mile
4 mile
1 hour yoga

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