Friday, January 14, 2011

Running timed

Yesterday I hit the track and timed it. Seriously the feeling that I have towards timed runs is similar to that emotion/anxiety of getting on the scale. When I was little I did swim team, and it was all about shaving off the seconds, and then the 10ths of a second. I think that somewhere along the way I lost sight of the sport and forgot why I loved it.  Maybe it was because I was really young, but you can always go faster, no time is ever good enough. When you are a kid and your placed under all of that pressure to be faster you always feel inadequate. As an adult I want to redefine that inadequacy, and recognize my achievements as well as the beauty of the road ahead.

Soooo. I ran 3.5 miles in 29:10 on the track. I didn't max out and I think part of that is because I just did not know my own strength and now I do. I know that I can run faster than that, that I have the strength to do so. It is a really good step in a new and better direction. It is good to celebrate the opportunity to be better.

Run 3.5 miles - 29:10
20 minutes of yoga/stretching

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