Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snap Crackle and Pop - my new name for my legs

So here it is: I have been benched, taken out of the game, and set back a couple paces.  Sometimes this process feels like two steps forward and one step back. But.....anyway I took a step back. My knee has called a time out. I have been told to rest it up until it doesn't hurt anymore, and after some research I have found out that it may take 1-2 weeks. What???? I am hoping that I can start running a little quicker than that. Like maybe in the next two days.  :)

So I guess tonight I will hit the gym. Do some swimming and lift some weights. After a two day hiatus from exercise, I absolutely need it.

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So Dear Legs,

Please heal. Please...Please. please. I want to take you out on a nice beautiful Portland day and hit up some trails. They will be soft trails I promise.



  1. Woman, look at those muscles. Don't rush it, I am pretty sure you will need more than two days. When will you be back in CO?

  2. I am pretty proud of how hard my legs are getting. I am pretty sure my friends are getting tired of me asking them to feel my muscles...Hahaha. I will probably be back in Colorado towards the middle to end of summer. Maybe earlier if I have to do law school interviews :)