Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stretch and Swim

So the last two days I have been swimming and doing yoga. This is pretty much the only exercise that my body will allow me to do without re-injuring my leg. I love to swim, and I am a pretty good swimmer.....Or at least I was at one point in time. Swimming is a practice that will keep me cardiovascularly fit while being kind to my joints. I love running, but in my personal opinion there is no better sport than swimming, which is to say that it has very little impact on your body, but still manages to be an intense exercise.  I want to run while I am young, and swim in my 70's.

Last night I went for a swim and an older man joined me. I could tell he wanted to quit right away but that I was pushing him to continue on. He was a good swimmer, and it was apparent that he had been swimming all of his life. It was really nice to get back in the pool with someone who actually knows how to swim, and who doesn't thrash the water like they are losing a battle against drowning.  In the end though he got out of the pool, thanked me for the challenge and I continued on, swimming against myself.

It is becoming very clear to me that in the past I was not a successful athlete mostly because I let others push me, and that I was not self motivated.  Now with me fully behind the wheel I am excited to see how far I can go. 

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