Monday, February 21, 2011

Southern Oregon Rogue Valley River Race --5k Debrief


This is my 5k time. And truthfully my goal was to get under 27 minutes, and this I did so I am happy. Especially since a couple of weeks ago I couldn't have even run a mile. I am so excited to add some mileage to my workout and to rebuild my miles.  After I am done with this post I am thinking that I will try and hit the gym and up my mileage.  I have a little bit of a cold and truthfully I don't want to run outside.  I am hoping that tonight I can hit up 5 miles!!!!!

On my 2 mile run outside of Cottage Grove
Anyways....... On Friday I drove from Portland to Ashland which is about 279 miles away. About 100 miles outside of Gresham, where I live, I stopped and went for a baby 2 mile run to stretch my legs out. Oregon never ceases to amaze me, you have so many different climates. The part of Oregon I am in right now is rainy and grey during this time of year. Still it is beautiful and I love running the roads here.  You know every person that I encountered on this run moved over for me and waved. How cool is that...... On a side note, I seriously love my blue headband and purple windbreaker!!!!

I arrived in Ashland around 7:00 and settled into my friend, Sam's guest room. She has this beautiful farm house in the hills of Southern Oregon. It kind of reminds me of the grecian coast. I mean Southern Oregon is incredibly fertile. Most of her neighbors have farms, orchards and vineyards. It was easy to fall asleep, and I slept deeply. In the morning we went to the race which was 45 minutes away in Rogue River.

It was a pretty small race. The weather was horrible, and only us hardcore nuts seemed to have showed up.    I felt so grateful to have a friend who was willing to get up super early, drive me to my race and cheer for me in the snow and cold. There is nothing like finishing a race and having someone cheering for you. It is corny, but if you have that, you already have won.

The first part of the race was uphill and the second part was downhill. I should have had a better time, but I expended all of my energy too quickly. It was a little disappointing, but this is my first 5k and I just need to start the process of shaving off the time. So next time I will aim for 25 minutes, and hopefully I will just get better and better.

Here are some pictures that Sam took:

On a side note: I didn't run yesterday..Driving home a day after the race really took it out of me, so this week I need to step it up.....


  1. Awesome!!! Glad to see you got some snow. It always makes for a fun run.