Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Road Run

I ran around Gresham today. It was actually my first time on pavement since I injured myself. I was disappointed that towards the end of my run I was sore.  I was hoping to go a long slow 5 miles but that just didn't happen....It was frustrating. How long is it going to take until I am back to 100%?

This weekend I have a quick 5k in Medford and I am so excited. I will get too see some old friends, and run a race that is not too long but not to short. I am so excited!!!!! However, I am a little dissapointed because originally I was planning on this race being my second half marathon, but I am not ready. Today proved that.  I mean there are parts of me that are ready, but the part of me, my bursa, is not ready. I need to go back to the trails and the track, be kind, and patient....AND PRAY>>>>

One thing I am praying for is that  the weather will be ok. My friend who I am visiting down there says that bad weather is coming in that could be worse than my 13.1 miles.  Supposedly there might be snow, rain, wind and low temperatures. Right now it is 70 degrees down there, but that is supposed to change maybe. Hopefully we will get one more day of good weather before the storm hits.

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