Thursday, February 10, 2011 the posting

My running posts have hit a lull. And I feel so guilty about it because truthfully my writing fortifies my running and vice versa.  There are so many things that I need to do to get this blog up to date, like count my miles, update my race schedule, my blogs mileage and update my workout log.

Right now my focus has been to get my mileage back up while not hurting/rehurting my knee. To be honest there is still a little pain involved in this process. What is really strange is that my joints now pop. Never, ever before in my life have my joints popped like this. You can hear the sick cracking sound they make and oh how I wince. Its not painful, it actually feels good, but it just is strange.

In other news I have found a trail that wraps around a golf course and is on super soft earth. Its kind of a strange trail, but it gives me a workout. It really makes me sweat, because their is a lot of give in the ground, and there is not a whole lot of even ground, so I am either running up hill or down hill. Its a two mile trail, but it really feels a lot longer than that.

I took yesterday off, and it is strange how just one day of exercise feels like an eternity.  More to come tonight.

Total mileage to date 144

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