Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Running Songs

Rainy Portland, Oregon is entering those brief golden months where there is sunlight and warmth in the air. Every day the weather is getting better.  Suddenly the music on my mp3 player seems a little drab and macabre. It is almost like I can hear the rain haunting me from the winter months. Running in the winter is about overcoming bad weather, the grey doldrums of snowy wet roads, and the never ending treadmill miles.  It only makes sense that the music that gets you through the winter reflects perseverance through hardship.

Running in the summer is different. It is warm, and light. I love being outside in my tennis shoes and my sports bra, feeling the sun on my back and the light on my face. It is an incredible feeling to be a part of the world in a very primitive and immediate manner. Summer running requires a different type of music, music that reflects the sunlight glinting off of my sunglasses.

Listening to music at the SE Grind, Portland OR
This summer I am looking for music that makes me feel happy and light. All winter long I have been working hard, lifting weights, and sweating it out. Now I want to enjoy that hard work, and listen to music that reinforces feeling sexy, tan, and powerful.

So here is my summer running playlist for 2011:

1. Pumped Up Kicks -----Foster the People
2. Halcyon --- Chicane Under the Sun
3. No Woman No Cry ---- Bob Marley
4. Sweet Dreams --- Eurhythmics
5. Save Tonight---- Eagle Eye Cherry
6. Flying High ---- Jem
7.Gold Lion ---The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8.Around the World -- ATC (A Touch of Class)
9.Crazy Love ---Van Morrison
10. Everthing'll be Alright ---Josh Radin
11. What a Wonderful World --- Sam Cooke
12. The Show Goes On --- Lupe Fiasco
13. That's All She Wrote-- T.I Ft Eminem

I am sure I will edit and add to this list as summer gets closer.

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