Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Long drive

Today  has been one of those weird days where the world has narrowed, and come into focus.  It started with my roommate knocking on my door and asking, "do you want to take a ride". I said I did, and we went for a drive through the winding dark corners of the pacific northwest. It is oddly beautiful to just drive, to just disappear, and let the world with all of its burdens go. I don't know how to quite say exactly what it is that happens on these drives, its like being disconnected and connected all at the same time. One thing flows into another, and flows out.

My roommate drove a little, and then I drove a little. I am for the most part a very cautious driver. Driving always scares me a little. Still, tonight I felt a little speed inside me, and the desire to be reckless. It was nice.  Today I am not going to work out. I am sore, and tired. Tomorrow is a new day.

Found this cd in the car...Strangely good driving music.

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