Monday, April 18, 2011

Such is life

60 some pages single spaced.....That is how long this blog is. It kind of blows my mind. Isn't it ironic how inevitably we live in circles, run in circles, and yet somehow never manage to get back to the same place? I don't know if this is going to make sense, but I kind of feel like I am always coming back to the place where I started, but still somehow managing to travel farther away than I could ever imagine.

You know I have a theory that we are given a set of lessons, and that if we don't learn/grow than we have to experience the same hardship over and over. For instance if a girl dates a dirtbag, chances are she is going to date another one and another one. History repeats. Running seems to best embody that concept because you do run in circles. You always end up where you started from. At the same time if you allow it to transform you, and if you allow yourself to learn then you manage to grow even though it seems like you never really truly went anywhere.... 

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