Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Early morning running

So its 4 am and I am at the track. I decided to show up early so that I could get in some work before Rahana got there. The drive there was dark and a little scary. It is kind of strange drive through the empty streets of Oregon City, and then onto the freeway towards Portland filled with people who are heading to work and the gym.  I have been coaching Rahana from 5am to 6am on a track near Clackamas. It is gratifying, if not a little strange. I mean I just can't imagine that I really am capable of helping her, but I am making her sweat so I must be doing something right.

Running in the morning, when it is still dark is just's surreal. Like a timeout from my life. Yes that is a good way to describe it....running in the morning is like taking a timeout from my life...not that I need a timeout, just that putting on life pause, while I can just exist outside of it is liberating....Actually now that I think about it, that is how I feel about running in general, it is a timeout, an escape, and good way to wash away each and every day.

Rahana reminds me all of time that I am lucky. I think sometimes it is hard to appreciate where you are, because there is always someone who is faster, who is stronger, and skinnier. But to Rahana it would be an accomplishment to run one quarter of a mile like it was easy, and effortless. Her body is weighed down, and I know that she really struggles to be free of it. How lucky am I that I can just float over the track somedays. I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to others who are skinnier, and in better shape. Maybe someday I will be able to feel that too.

Number one running goal...... Find a soft trail. My knees kind of hurt from all of the hard surfaces I have been on.

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