Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leaving Oregon

Yesterday I packed up my belongings and headed from Portland, Oregon,  to my parents home in Eastern Oregon... It was hard. It was really, really hard to leave. I took a photo as I was leaving and my heart broke a little, looking out over the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  This was definitely one of those moment where I wondered whether I had made the right decision to move to Colorado.  Portland pulls me to it, like the city and surrounding areas are axioms of gravity.  So much has happened to me here, and I have grown so much, it is hard to imagine any other place that will ever resonate in such a powerful way. Still I don't know if I am making the right choice.

After five hours of driving, I arrived at my parents house. This house holds  a lot of memories for me, and is the only home I have ever known. My parents recently painted it a pale green, and the colors make the house kind of melt into the sage covered hill.

After a good nights sleep I went for a run on the country road in front of my parents house.. The run felt good, and I went a total of 6.5 miles. Outside the weather feels like winter ....It rained, the temperature dropped, and then there was hail. It will be nice to be in some warm weather in Colorado.  After the run I had dinner with my parents: My mother made wheat free pasta with homemade red sauce, and locally grown browned beef.  Afterwards we watched T.V and drank tea. My dad turned Rambo on, and we talked about running. 
I have to say..... Sylvester Stalone looked damn good in that movie. Holy can-ole was he in good shape!!! You know when you start to workout, you gain some respect for those people who have managed to achieve what he did in his body.

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  1. oregon and colorado both seem like amazing places to live. i am sure you will find new loves about CO.