Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grass cut like stone.

          I am once again in my home town. Eastern Oregon is usually a desert, a high mountain desert, but right now I might as well be in Portland. My parents home has wide windows that look out over a valley, and a deck. You can see a sea of grey clouds rolling in, which I find so bizzarre. Never before in all my memory of this place, can I remember so much water.
         Right now my parents are watching a movie about rock climbing in the Andes. I am drinking red wine, and eating a brownie my mother made earlier. Of course it is not a real brownie: made only with honey and agave. Bless my mother, she is a healthnut but sometimes, chocolate needs sugar, or at least more honey. I went for a long run today thinking that when I got back the brownie would be worth it...... but it wasn't. Now the red wine is another story.
           My parents, are simple people... They have learned to enoy the ordainary things in life. They have an odd love story which is really not mine to tell, but I have come to respect it. Suffice to say, they both became physically  paralyzed for different reasons by the time I was 18. So although so much has been taken from them, they live richly because they have learned to really enjoy things that we all take for granite. Still being here is hard...It is kind of like life just stops, and slows. I am a busy person. I like motion, progress, moving forward and being alive.  Life here seems to be more about watching, waiting, and dreaming. Everyone here is dreaming about living, but never really living. I am too young to do that.
        Running is kind of easy to do here because it is a good escape, a short burst of something in a void of nothingness. So I went for a run. I ran from my parents house, to field's peak road. I took field's peak road and began to  run up it. I have to admit that if I have a weakness it is running uphill. It's probably a  mental inequity. So I ran uphill for as long as I could.
             You know what struck me the most??? How green the grass was. The grass looked like it was made of sharp emerald stone. I can't quite describe it, maybe it was the way the water hit the grass, with a little bit of light peaking out of clouds, but I truly thought as I was running that never in my life had I seen something that green. Incredible...The simple things right????
             I ran as far as I could, then I turned around and went home. So here I am with my glass of wine writing this, watching a movie about endurance mountain climbing. I am sore. Really sore. But it is a good feeling. Truly it is. My body is beccomming strong, and that is kind of cool.


  1. It is just a stop over so take some time to watch, wait, and dream .... sometimes its not a bad thing and can help gather yourself & thoughts. Enjoy it.

  2. Uphill running!!! Just wait til you get here. I am sure Kalee and I could take you on over to a favorite trail of ours, 666, and get in some real uphill time. (its okay, we walk sometimes-or all the time if we get to gossiping and conveniently forget to get running again)