Thursday, December 30, 2010

4 miles

Today I ran 4 miles. It was easy and unsatisfying. I hate treadmills. You never go anywhere, and they make a mile seem endless.  One mile on a treadmill is like two on the track. I have a sneaky suspicion that this is exactly the case. We shall see.

Anyways 4 miles in the gym, a little bit of weight lifting, and truthfully I  am bored. I need to get outside and feel the rain, the cold, and Portland's innate darkness inside me. However, my shoes are shot they have almost 400 miles on them, and they are worn through. My toes quickly become numb in them. Is it not amazing how the lungs feel when one runs in the cold. The way lungs expand in the body and take in all of that heavy oxygen which spreads like an emotion throughout the muscles. How sweet it is to be young and strong. I think I want to hang my running shoes on my wall and stare at them in gratitude for all the long miles they have taken me.

Summary  12/29/2010
4 miles
weight lifting, arms an abs

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