Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Runners High at Lewis and Clark

Here is a picture of me and my brother from a couple of days ago after running. I ran 4 miles and he ran 2 miles. You can see the runners hi and it was a great day.

Yesterday, was an interesting day. I started with  a half mile  before my Yoga class. I can't really articulate how Yoga informs running, but I know it does.I think that Yoga really cleanses the muscles and the organs of toxins and thus making the cardiovascular exercises easier. Also the yoga classes that I take really build your core muscles, and any cardiovascular exercise requires a core.

I would have like to run a little farther before Yoga, but I just didn't get to the gym in time. Running before yoga loosens and warms the muscles so in the long run your muscles get a better stretch and workout than if I had started with cold muscles like most people do.

After yoga I went home and  took in a little protein and headed with my roommate to Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark is a small private college in the hills of Portland that I used to go to. I love going to this track because even at night they keep it lighted, but because of Winter break the track gates were locked. So instead my roommate and I ran campus. It was completely empty and dark, but it was so beautiful. Lewis and Clark has these incredible architectural details, beautiful fountains, and the woods creep into the campus.  We went at a fast pace, uphill, downhill, and on different terrains. It was intense, and it was raining.

Running in the campus in the dark, I could feel this giant ghost, this beloved burden that I carried, running through me, and all the ways in which it had changed and blessed me. It was hard to distinguish between the rain and my sweat.

Summary 12/28/2010
3 miles

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