Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running, Hiking, Weedwacking, and Blogging

It's early in the evening, I have just gotten back from a run, and my mother and I are watching Julie and Julia. This movie about a blogger who cooks all of Julia Childs recipies makes me want to eat butter straight, put on 30lbs, and make love to my husband after a glass of red wine.What can I say I love movies about writers, and movies about food. Food....oh decadent food.......... but the truth is food taste better when you are skinny. I mean it just does.

Where was I? Oh this movie talks about why it is important to blog:  it keeps you accountable, and gives you a sense of community. It sounds kind of  funny but my writing keeps me running, and gives me a community of people to run with. I don't know, it is a project, something for fun, that happens to keep me healthy, and happy.What can I say......I like the idea of writing as a way of building something substantial in ones own life.

Okay, so\ today, I got my new pair of running shoes, New Balance 860. I love these shoes. I have never, ever, ever loved new shoes. They make my feet numb, they take a week to really feel good, and like moving in with a boyfriend there is always an adjustment period. These shoes............These shoes fit perfecty, they don't hurt at all, they are light, and provide perfect support. Maybe I am jinxing it, but I really feel like I finally found the right man/ I mean shoe.

Anyways best shoes ever!!!! Heres to you!

I did a lot of hiking this week because I was sans my shoes......Here are some of the pics

Its been raining and is cold

I felt so alone out here

Seriously.......Uphill battle through the mountain

My parents dog....He is a good companion

And a little nerosis... New haircut!!!!

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