Friday, June 17, 2011

I disappeared

I disappeared  for a little bit. Maybe this disappearing has been a long time coming, but somehow it feels strange -- like I am existing just beneath the surface of something utterly new and different. So I am still staying at my parents place in my hometown in Eastern Oregon. My job doesn't start until the 11th of July, and my husband doesn't come home until the 3rd. So here I am in Eastern Oregon getting in touch with some old roots, and disappearing from everything else.

Life in the country is different than in the city. There definitely seems to be a slower rhythm and naivety in small towns. I have been working hard here. Every day I try and do something for my parents. I have been weedwacking, building a patio (which I finished yesterday), mowing, and filling in holes in the driveway. AND I have been running and hiking. Its been great to just relax, focus on the important things in life, because I don't worry anymore about work.

I don't really know where I am going with this, but I feel my body getting stronger, and I feel like a new chapter is just around the corner. It really is kind of exciting.

By the way today I ran 10 miles, and hiked 3....Life is good!!!!

Me hiking in Eastern Oregon

Pic from the top of my hike


  1. You have such beautiful pictures, such a stunning part of the world :-)

  2. I am sorry, I got busy and haven't called you back. I am a bad friend. (I want to be sure and have time to hear all about the run!!!)