Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Back to the Practice

How do I start to talk about running again after such a long silence?  Where do I begin?

I guess I begin with my yoga class from last week. There I was in downward dog, the most undignified position that someone can find themselves in, but it is the center of most yoga workouts. All poses in yoga seem to lead into the downward dog pose. So here I am with my bottom in the air, and I have a realization:  running is a practice, yoga is a practice, and writing is a practice. People use practice to come back to the center, to evolve their soul - to the proverbial downward dog, and to find balance inside themselves.

I realized that running is a very important practice for me simply because it centers me, and brings me back to a calm and quite place of empowerment. There are no expectations or failures in practice. You simply have to honor yourself and where you are in your practice and go from there. There is the beauty of it, you are where you are at and that is good enough. 

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