Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dirty little lies

I have a new philosophy on fitness and weight loss. It's really kind of simple: Try and sweat every day.  Thats it. Thats all you can really do. If you are not sweating..... you are not working hard enough. Period. 

One of the things that is kind of new in my running life is I am waking up at 4:30 to go running. Seriously, everybody should be really proud of me. I am not a morning person. I do not wake up happy. Anybody that does can just eat my......socks. And you know the only thing that really gets me out of bed, besides the fact that I have promised to help a friend lose some weight, is that I lie to myself. Really. I say Cassie, its ok, you're not going to run, you're just going to help Rahana, and maybe walk it out. The funny thing, is that I always believe it, I always fall for it, but somehow I always end up running. 

You know I have been running 5 miles a day pretty consistently, and lifting weights. Maybe its time to take it up a notch. Yeah, I think that it might be time. 5 miles is really beginning to feel the way 2 miles felt at the beginning of this journey a year and a half ago. Wow!!!!! 

In other news my mp3 play is kaput. May it rest in peace.

Ok, so.....
1. Sweat everyday
2. Wake up early
3. Increase mileage
4. Get new MP3 player
5. Continue to build relationships through running - running seems to attract some pretty solid people.

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